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Collins Cubs


Observation Club

Welcome to "Collins' Cubs",
Parker Orthodontics' Observation Program!

You are not ready for orthodontic treatment at this time. However, Dr. Collins feels very strongly about following your dental development. We have found that when orthodontic treatment is started at the appropriate time, treatment costs, length and discomfort can be reduced.

We will continue to see you at four to eight month intervals to make sure your baby teeth are falling out when they should, your permanent teeth have room to grow in, and any bite related problems are not getting worse. We want to stay ahead of any developing dental problems. At the point we see any significant orthodontic concerns, Dr. Collins will determine a treatment plan and review the details with you.

These visits are a courtesy to our families and are done at no charge. Any necessary photos or x-rays needed in our office are also done at no charge.


Collins' Cubs Fun!

Collin's Cash
(For each “Cub” visit you will receive $25 Collins' Cash
to be used toward any New Phase I or Phase II Treatment)

We look forward to seeing you as a

Collins' Cub

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